Taking it all in

I had a totally surreal moment today while walking through the city to the train station on my way “home”. Yes my small countryside residence in Denmark is starting to feel more and more like home, and it’s comforting to return there. I’m excited to be reunited with all of my new friends where I live, and now I also have about 70 Danish students to meet. It still hasn’t really hit me that I will be living in Europe for the rest of the year. And it’s amazing how much it has changed my perspective on things already. The commute from where I’m staying to the city…as well as many other things…have already made me extremely more independet. I could really get use to living the city life!

The environment here is totally different and really enlightening. Whether it’s in class or back where I live, I’m having the most interesting conversations with friends, other Americans, and Danish students and teachers. Everyone is so open here and so willing to learn…I’m trying to absorb it all in. It’s especially fun in our living situation since we are literally living and hanging out with Danes 24/7 now. It’s so cool to discuss the differences between here and America. Our conversations are actually meaningful…(and fun/hilarious of course). They get paid to go to college (totally not fair). They are always joking about how Danish people are so shy so it really means a lot that they have been hanging out with us loud obnoxious Americans. We are already joking around and I feel like I’ve known them for months! We are having a “dodgeball tournament” between the Americans and Danes Wednesday (I’ll take the role as the photographer…) and then a big party Saturday. We have been told that it’s common Danish culture to not really get to know a Dane until you go to a great party.

I went to visit my “visiting family” for the first time today for dinner. It consists of Mikala and her two children, Silas and Kayla. So much fun! They are two of the cutest Danish children (which is hard because Danish children are ADORABLE). They don’t know English yet but we had fun teaching each other colors and numbers while doing arts and crafts and jumping on the trampoline. It was a nice change to play around like a kid again in a foreign country. They live in a beautiful area of the town I’m staying in that is only just a bike ride away! Also, we are going to Tivoli tomorrow (an amusement park in Copenhagen) as well as have future plans to go to Lego Land! I can’t wait!


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