Folkehøjskole Family

Although exploring Europe is amazing, nothing beats coming home to my very own Folkehøjskole family. Theme parties, group dinners, and cozy homework sessions by the fire are just a few of the many things that make me feel like the Grundtvigs Folkehøjskole is my second home.



Before our last travel break we had a “Harry Potter Weekend”. It all started off with taking personality tests to see which house the sorting hat would place us in. Once we all developed into our true Harry Potter selves (I was in Gryffindor…aka the best house), the fun wizardly activities began. Saturday was filled with Quidditch competitions in the gym, and at night the dinning hall was decked out in Hogwarts attire. Even the teachers from the Folkehøjskole dressed the part during our candlelight feast.


Our “International Food Feast” was another favorite of mine. Even though the majority of the students at the school are Danish, there are a few from different parts of the world…including Poland, Iceland, and even Japan. To celebrate all of the various cultures in the “Grundtvig Melting Pot”, each group of students presented a type of food from their culture, as well as a fun game or activity. We started off with Sushi as an appetizer, which were followed by Polish potato dumplings. With much enjoyment from the DIS students, our main course was the traditional American BBQ ribs and cornbread. Lets just say we were stuffed. For the USA activity there was a competition to see which table could fill out the 50 states first. I was pretty impressed by how many states all the Danes knew. After a digestion break with some Polish dancing lessons, we ended the night over delicious traditional Icelandic cake.

Currently we are starting to plan out a Thanksgiving feast for all of the Danes! I can’t wait to give them a taste of some more American culture.


Warning about living in a Folkehøjskole: never leave your room unlocked. It might get TPed!


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