A quick thought on the train

Today in my psychology of human sexuality class, our professor Karina surprised us with delicious cupcakes. More importantly, she shared with us some interesting insight that has stuck with me during my snowy train ride return to Hillerød.

“You can never truly go back” is what she told us when referring to our approaching return to the states in two weeks. She further explained that we will never be able to truly return to the psychological state that we were in before we left home. After returning back to our life, family and friends in the states, we will quickly realize how much we’ve changed. We are now apart of a network of international people and a new way of thinking…and the personal way we view things and life will forever be different.

It’s a little daunting to think about, but I’m pretty positive Karina is right. I know I’ve talked about how fortunate I feel for this experience, but it’s just starting to hit me how anxious I am to return back to my life in North Carolina. While it is exciting, I’m interested to experience life at home with a whole new outlook on general ways of living and the world. Beside the 3:30 sunsets…it’s overwhelming to begin to list everything I will miss about Denmark. I’ll be trying my best to enjoy what’s left of my remaining time here.


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