First concert in Copenhagen!

I’m officially a DIS blogger! I hope all of my Denmark/Europe adventures will be cool enough to be featured on our study abroad website.

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Friday some of us went into the city to see Bassnectar perform. Our trip into Copenhagen was obviously filled with adventures…which seems to be a pretty common theme for us now. The city streets were filled with people, and everyone stays out till about 5 in the morning. Danish people are so incredibly friendly. We were a little lost trying to find the concert, and every time we asked for help we met a new friend. Hopefully we are getting sushi with one of them this week! At the concert we were front row the whole time…and it was pretty insane. A huge dance party. Copenhagen was one of his first European stops for his current tour, and I’m pretty positive we made it into the very center of his annual concert picture of the crowd. We’ve been trying to find it but no luck yet. The music scene here in Denmark is amazing. There are a bunch of concerts that we are hopefully planning on going to in the future.


Thanks to Jenna and Jill us “country-side” students had a free floor to stay on. It was nice to not have to worry about the train system since we were getting our Visas early that morning! Also just had my first bagel here in Copenhagen…which was a nice “taste” of home. (For anyone who doesn’t know… I’m obsessed with bagels.)


After getting our Visas we got our first idea of a Copenhagen rainy day, so Aleah and I decided to go home and have an indoor picnic with all of our goodies from the flea market (wine, bread, cheese, nutella, olive spread). I could definitely get use to this!


The rest of our weekend has been spent resting and bonding with everyone here. Each time we hang out…whether it’s playing Kings or sitting on the roof in the middle of the night…everyone I live with just becomes more hilarious. It’s crazy how close we have become in less than a week. We’ve started to discuss our plans for traveling around Europe. I might even go sky diving in Switzerland! Craziness. The Danes arrived today and we are really excited to get to know them! Right now its move in so there are a lot of parents and it’s a little overwhelming.

Dinner here is really nice and cozy. We all meet up and sit together…it’s a very cool community feel. Already met a few Danish friends at dinner. Found out Americans are known for our “red solo cups”. We are all playing in a dodge ball tournament on Wednesday…that should be really interesting.

Tomorrow I’m having dinner with my visiting family. Can’t wait to tell you guys all about them!


Study Abroad Inspiring Quote

Found a really great quote while reading “The Happiness Project” the other day. It really connected and eased a lot of my anxiousness towards spending a whole semester on the other side of the world. And hey, what better way to start off a travel blog than with some inspiration?

“We seek to control our lives, but the unfamiliar and unexpected are important sources of happiness.”  

Can’t wait to discover what unexpected adventurous Denmark has in store for me in exactly three weeks. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. But I bought some snow boots today…so this southern girl is getting prepared!